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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Jonathan's first word

Jonathan said his first word today! Granted, I did think I heard him speak a few times before. The first, during the difficult early weeks of parenting, I really did hear him scream "Grandma!" That was when I did not know how to console him and it seemed that my mother always knew exactly what to do. The other word he says a lot is "hi!" when he is smiling and talking to you.

So. Tonight, he was initiating a conversation with me. He said hi and was all smiley and happy cooing and excited little screams. Naturally, I was encouraging his conversation by responding (in English, not baby talk, to clarify.) After a couple lines of how much mama loves him and when a sweet little boy he is, I asked him, "what's your favorite color?"

I got a momentary look of confusion, then of great excitement, and my answer came: "Booooo!"

Mama thought that was very funny, didn't she. :)

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  1. Awww :D that's so sweet.
    Nice blog, by the way!