"Let all that I am praise the LORD; may I never forget the good things he does for me."

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Jonathan pictures

Jonathan has gotten great at sitting! He has been sitting by himself for two weeks now.

He likes to chew on everything--his fingers, his teddy bear, his stroller . . .

He rolls mostly only when he is in bed and is supposed to be sleeping.  Otherwise he just rolls on his side, then back again.

He ate rice cereal yesterday. He liked it, kind of! Daddy also gave him tastes of his chocolate milkshake today at lunch time before I could stop him. Jonathan loved the milkshake and begged and demanded for more. (Daddy!!!????)

Daddy and Jonathan are great buds and hang out quite a bit. Here, Daddy has given Jonathan his cell phone to listen to music on. It was early this morning and Jonathan got us up, like he always does. :)

I am enjoying all of Jonathan's milestones. I am so proud of him getting big and strong and developing a little personality. But I was reading a book, First Time Mom, by Dr. Kevin Leman, and was reminded that what really matters is the character he develops. Dr. Leman wrote, "Human development isn't a race, it's not who gets anywhere first! Character takes seasoning and really isn't seen until we're adults. I can probably drum up hundreds of kids who rolled over onto their stomachs before all their peers--and who ended up in jail."  

I believe we can see some of the character before we're adults, as "Even a child is known by his doing," but the moral of the story is to be focused on training a child up to fear and love God.

That is a sobering responsibility.

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