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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My brothers-in-law

So I really wanted to do a post on our weekend from over a week ago, but I still haven't gotten pictures off of Tes' phone.

I decided I would do a post on my brothers in law.

I have only met these guys over the phone or over skype, but I'll share what Tes has told me about them. 

Here is Daniel. He is the oldest (beside Tes). He works in computer technology and I think he is getting married next year! He likes to play ping pong, and being out of doors.

The next brother in law is Tamene. He is an accountant/auditor. He loves to watch movies and sing and play guitar, as well as be with friends.  He enjoys history, math and art. He also likes to joke around a lot.

After Tamene is Adane. He is a mechanic. Tes says that he can build anything. He makes furniture and sells it on the side.He also welds. He likes to play soccer. Unfortunately this is the only picture I have of him.


The last brother is Dawit, or David. He just finished his first year of medical school. No kidding. Apparently he is very intelligent (although I think they all are . . .) He is kind of quiet and serious and studies a LOT.

They all seem like pretty cool guys and I hope to meet them someday. But not now--I want to stay away from all Ebola virus particles if I can. 

Oh, and here are some pictures of Tes, the oldest brother, my husband, so that you can compare family resemblance. ;)

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