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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Okoboji with Oromo Church

On Sunday we went with Tes' church to Okoboji! I have yet to get used to being a minority. It is fun but hard. I enjoyed the church picnic because it gave me the opportunity to communicate with them in English, whereas their church services are conducted in Oromo. Since I can't understand Oromo (or only a few words anyhow), the services are hard for me. I enjoy their music, but I can't sing along. I did start trying to lalala along with the melody just for fun at the picnic. And I could clap my hands with them if I could overcome my awkward feeling. The prayers are really fun to listen to and watch, but I can't understand much of what they are saying, so I cannot truly pray along, but I can pray my own prayer along with them.

So yes, I did enjoy the church picnic. Here, Jonathan is playing with one of the children. She is playing with his toy. Later in the day, apparently he stole her toy away from her and made her cry. 

Playing a game of volleyball/soccer :)

We all went for a cruise around the lake on a small ship called Queen Anne (I think that was the name.) It was actually pretty cool!

You can't tell, but we were actually on the second story.

Here is a rundown of the words that I understand in their Oromo services:
Waka (God)
Eyesus Christos (Jesus Christ)
Toko, Laama, Sadee (one, two, three) (from them testing their microphones. haha!) 
(Sorry. I'm sure my Oromo spelling is atrocious.)

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