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Monday, September 29, 2014

Fall bucket list?

Do you make bucket lists? I didn't realize that I did, but I do. One thing that was on my "bucket list," aka "things I want to do," for the fall was to go get lost in a corn maze.

This last Saturday was the perfect day to do it. The night before, Jonathan had gotten up for two hours in the middle of the night (I think because he was teething) and then got up early and stayed up. I got a total of 5 hours of sleep, but once I saw what a beautiful day it was outside, I was up for good, too. (One other reason I only got 5 hours of sleep was because we stayed up late eating popcorn and playing a version of the newlywed game)

It was the weekend of the tri-state band festival, which meant a parade of marching bands going down the street two blocks from where we live. Of course we went. I told Tes, who was sleeping, that he could come or stay as he so wished, and he decided to come see! It was nice of him, because of course I enjoyed the parade just that much more when he was holding Jonathan, who is heavy and makes me tired, and being able to discuss which marching bands were the best.

We liked the Blue dragons and some crazy Tea, South Dakota band. The biggest impact though was when a band came by and Tes said to me, "Look, she's missing a leg," and I realized that one of the girls in dresses waving flags, had an artificial leg.

I find that so inspiring. If I were to lose my leg, I think I would just lie down in depression. But this high school girl didn't let it keep her from living her life. She was twirling her flag and running with the rest of the girls. Way to go!!!

After the parade, when we were walking home, I decided that today was the day for a corn maze. It was just soooo beautiful out. Blue skies and golden leaves and I just couldn't stay inside!

We didn't actually get too lost in the corn maze. They gave us a map so that we could go to different checkpoints and fill in answers on a questionnaire, and then there was a hidden checkpoint to find that was rewarded with a free treat.

After finding all ten checkpoints, we were wandering around trying to find the hidden checkpoint. I don't think we would have found it, except we heard people yelling "We found it! Woo! We're so lucky!"

Guess it was our lucky day, too. We went in the general direction and found it as well. Free ice cream sandwiches!

Grocery shopping was also on our list of things to do (no, not our "bucket list." "Bucket lists" are supposed to be enjoyable activities that you don't do all the time. Grocery shopping is not a special activity.)

Walmart was only a couple of miles away so that was pretty nice. Then Tes offered to take me out for dinner so I said "of course!" and we decided to go to this Mongolian restaurant that we had driven by.

The place was soooo different. It was a little creepy, but we had fun. I didn't have my camera, so I got this image off the web. You can see the creepiness in the the T-shirts. But the food was pretty good. Grab a bowl, put your choice of meat, some noodles, your choice of vegetables and like 20 different sauces to choose from, then go up to the grill and they grill it for you and hand it to you on a plate. Or I guess they were really stir-frying it. Anyway, we liked it. But I definitely felt out of my comfort zone at first!

So, any bucket list ideas?? Since we don't celebrate Halloween, I like to come up with other fun things to do. 
Going to an apple orchard is definitely on mine, and I've got the perfect orchard in mind--my parent's!


  1. I've got a great item for your bucket list! Come to Taiwan for a bit and climb a mountain with me :)

    1. I totally would, but my husband would miss me too much. Maybe I could persuade him to come along? ;)