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Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Don't miss my last post!! Since I pretty much just posted.

I am excited about my latest project, which is redecorating Jonathan's room! Right now it is looking pretty dull.

I'm doing a jungle/safari theme. It is the most convenient, since he already has a jungle themed diaper bag and crib bumper. 

Has anyone else noticed how expensive some of the baby decor wall artwork can be? I decided to make some of my own to save some $$.

The latest trends in artwork include simple shapes and unrealistic coloring. What a piece of cake! I just googled "elephant art for baby room" under images and got the idea for my first project. 

Here is the result!

I promise it will look great when I put it in a fun colored frame and hang it in his room with other jungle themed artwork I plan to make.

One note: I have decided I don't like to use oil pastels on textured paper. Do you see how the elephants look kind of streaky, as if I used crayons?? That's due to the texture of my cardstock. It made it difficult for me to blend the oil pastels. Next time I will definitely use the smooth side!
But honestly, it still looks better in real life, so I am planning on using it.

And lastly, a pic of my cute pie! I just love him to pieces. :)

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