"Let all that I am praise the LORD; may I never forget the good things he does for me."

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Some of the MOST . . . (story of my life, er, bread)


Talk about it. No, moan about it. Is life over?? Woe is me. Lament the curse of perfectionism. To be or not to be, that is the question, since the bread I baked this morning so did not turn out.

I mean, this bread took HOURS to make.

Not hours of effort, but it is supposed to sit quietly for 14 hours. So I literally waited hours. I was so excited to see how this bread was going to be.  And then, for the fruits of my labor:

I rolled the bread over on a floured surface, formed it into a loaf, placed it on a lightly oiled baking sheet, put it in the oven at 425 degrees (Fahrenheit, of course!), and then--set the alarm on my cell phone and crashed in bed for a mid morning nap. 

My cell phone rang. Half asleep, and thinking it was my alarm, I pressed ignore. Only to realize I'd just rejected my husband's call! "Call him back . . . wow, that bread smells really nice, I will make him a sandwich before he goes back to school . . "

Minutes later, just as my husband walked in the door, I leaned over the oven, and caught a whiff of something. Not the sweet smell of fresh bread, but something overdone--something, perhaps, burnt?

The oven door flew open. The dark brown bread was revealed. Oven mitts were on my hands, and the bread, or, what was left of the bread, was extracted.

My husband was handy. I mournfully showed him my bread, and loudly lamented its fate, hoping for some sympathy. Perhaps even a fellow mourner. I mean, it was HIS sandwich that was lost.

Hubby didn't seem to understand the gravity of the situation. He was laughing, I was grieving. So, he got the sandwich anyways.

The conversation:
Tes: "I think I'll have some coffee . . "
Julia: "Do you want me to make you some? No, wait, you make it. I'm going to get you a sandwich to chew on."

During lunch, I believe he mentioned something about feeding his sandwich to the dinosaurs. 

This evening, He wasn't too excited when I told him what we were having for supper.He was having leftover sandwich, not having had time to chew it before his next class earlier on.

I know, I know! What a horrible wife. I ate another sandwich, too, though. And I gave him some leftover lo mein, and made him a smoothie . . . 

The smoothie bought forgiveness. I do know his weaknesses. :)

I didn't take any pictures of the bread. But this whole topic reminded me of Labor day. 

I made pancakes for breakfast: 

Which Tes thought was so funny, and had to take pictures of it.

I had the afternoon all planned out. We would go have a picnic by the lake and go swimming, since it was pretty much the end of summer.

We didn't get to the lake until the evening. I had forgotten/failed/gotten too lazy to make a picnic, so we had a bottle of lukewarm juice we bought from Walmart.

I persuaded Tes to change into his swimming clothes, as well as change Jonathan in to some swimming trunks, while I blew up one of those floatie things.

We approached the water. It was looking dark and murky. Tes pointed out the green plant substance floating on the surface. I told him we needed to go swimming. He told me I could go and he would watch.

I placed the floatie in the water. It was cold. All of a sudden, I didn't want to go swimming very badly. I begin to test the strength of the floatie. Could it really hold me up??

Just at that moment, Tes gave me a push, and I fell on my (laurels) in the shallow, cold, murky, dark, green water.

I gave up the swimming and spent the rest of the evening with a damp and cold backside.

When we got home, I noticed that the rice I had left out on the counter (for more than a couple of days, to my shame) had grown white fuzzy mold, about an inch tall, all over it. I decided to throw it away and not try to feed it to anyone, not even Jonathan. 
Peering into the trash, I saw how well the white moldy rice blended with the white kleenex that was already there.

You guessed it. The baby and I both had horrible colds. It truly added to the delightful sentiment of our holiday.

I hope you've enjoyed reminiscing this moment with me.



  1. Bravo Julia!!! Sometimes life is a beautiful well done loaf of bread. Sometimes is pancakes that stick, bread that gets burnt and rice that gets moldy. You still went out, had a laugh with your husband and Jonathan looks so happy. Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% what you do about it. Keep your chin up, may God continue to bless your efforts and your sweet family. Love, Mrs. Watson

    1. Thank you Mrs. Watson for the words of encouragement! So true. :) These are the stories that will have my grandkids laughing someday, so I should be thankful that I am NOT perfect. :) I miss you!