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Monday, September 8, 2014

Wedding pics and another culture tip

Wow. I had made it a goal to write one post a week, but last week . . . nothing. My apologies. And until my husband gets back and tells me where he put the camera cord, my post will have to wait.

But here are wedding pictures to tide you over. And we can talk Ethiopian culture again. :)

The first thing I said to Tes after we walked out of the ceremony was, "Oh my goodness, I can't believe I just married you!"

We couldn't hardly eat. Even though the enjera was catered by a friend of Tes' who owns an Ethiopian restaurant in St. Paul, and was delicious. And my mom and grandma as well as some friends helped make burritos, which is one of my favorite foods . . . 
But honestly, after we both got some of the spicy, red, berbere-spiced wat on our clothes, we just picked at our food. Plus, people kept clinking on their little plastic cups, seeming to expect us to stand up and kiss each other.

There. In case you missed the kisses during the reception, here's one for you. Gross!!!! ;)

Now, time for an Ethiopian culture tip! Ethiopians, in general, do not eat dessert. 
Go over to their house for dinner, don't expect cake afterward, and when you have them over to your house, they may not "save room" for dessert. There really aren't even recipes for "Ethiopian Desserts." That isn't to say they won't eat sweet things from time to time, especially if they live in America. I've found that many of them like to drink their sweets. Soda, sweet coffee, smoothies. Perhaps that stems from a sweet wine they do have traditionally with special meals.

And a couple of phrases in Amharic! (what I randomly happened to learn this week)
Melkom Fasika = Happy Easter (as in Resurrection Sunday, folks)
Melkom Gena = Merry Christmas
Makina = car

Since Blogger is giving me issues here, I must hope that this post posts, and that I didn't write this for nothing!

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  1. Great post!! And I love the pics...especially the last one ;)