"Let all that I am praise the LORD; may I never forget the good things he does for me."

Monday, November 24, 2014

Early Christmas photos

I know it is Thanksgiving this week. (I do not like it when people call it Turkey day. No one would celebrate Thanksgiving if that was truly all it was--how lame would that be? Celebrating Turkeys, c'mon.) This year for Thanksgiving it looks like I will be cooking my first Thanksgiving dinner. For 2 people that should be pretty easy! Anyways, working on putting together a Christmas card made me in the mood to post "Christmas" pictures. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Quick post! :)

Making apple cider at the farm :)

Jonathan got an icecream truck!

 Tomorrow is the my very first actual real shift as a real nurse.  I've been training and training 
....and training
and now it is time for me to finally begin!
I am mentally preparing myself for an awful day. ;) And telling myself it will be over. It will go. I will somehow survive. 
And then I can come home and get my husband to give me a backrub
eat some icecream
and crash. 
I am so sure it will be a nightmare of a day. 
But I am also excited that I can finally put those years of college to use.
One sentence (that I received from an anonymous classmate before a nursing exam) that has kept encouraging me over the last few years is
"You have worked hard to get where you are and will do your best today."
Nursing school and studying and taking boards was all hard work. I will do my best tomorrow. :)

Thanks for viewing my post!

~Busy Momma

Thursday, November 6, 2014


I really have not posted in too long! My schedule is crazy right now.

Going to church--and he has already outgrown these shoes. 

Jonathan's uncle made him this cute duck hat! Speaking of hats, his Auntie made one for him as well. Last time we were visiting, she had two nearly identical hats for him to try on. She tried them both on him and took the bigger one, put ties on it, and gave it to us. 

The other day, we were about to go somewhere together and I had to grab something from Jonathan's room. I went in there and saw his new hat on the floor. "That's funny, I thought I just saw his hat in the living room?" I said to myself. So I picked up the hat and went to the living room, and what do you know, I had brought both hats home with me! 

Which wouldn't have been so bad, except . . .  I went to look for my keys in the bottom of Jonathan's diaper bag, and came up with . . . 

My mom's. 
Yep, I brought Grandma's keys home with us. 
Since they were of no use to us besides a teething toy,  we mailed them back to her this afternoon. 

Jonathan's play area. Unfortunately he doesn't spend enough time here! More interested in garbage cans and toilets, and laptop computers! 

The cute rug he has was a gift from our dear friends the Medfords! It really brightens up his corner and I like sitting on it too.

Outside of our apartment

We went to a museum for Tes' birthday. I also decorated the living room with balloons while he was away at school so he was surprised when he came home! I also had the honor of making him his first birthday cake ever, and watching him blow out candles for the first time in his life.

In his culture, they didn't really celebrate birthdays except for a few times when he was a child--for his birthday he got new clothes and his parents prayed a blessing for him. So the chocolate brownies were a first for Tes!

And this little guy thought he had gotten lucky, and was going to get another bath after just having one only minutes before! Ha. Little kids are so crazy. 

I'm pretty sure he is teething right now. Everything is so heartbreaking to him, as he cries so pitifully when he can't go in the fridge or explore the toilet or eat paper. . .  The other night he got up every hour crying. Finally at five in the morning, he was crying again, but oh well, I had to get up anyways since I was going to work.

Life is perpetually interesting that way. Just when plans are set, something comes along to up the excitement level. :)

And now I will say my goodbyes again, as he has ingested some paper, and just found some more to eat, too.