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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Quick post! :)

Making apple cider at the farm :)

Jonathan got an icecream truck!

 Tomorrow is the my very first actual real shift as a real nurse.  I've been training and training 
....and training
and now it is time for me to finally begin!
I am mentally preparing myself for an awful day. ;) And telling myself it will be over. It will go. I will somehow survive. 
And then I can come home and get my husband to give me a backrub
eat some icecream
and crash. 
I am so sure it will be a nightmare of a day. 
But I am also excited that I can finally put those years of college to use.
One sentence (that I received from an anonymous classmate before a nursing exam) that has kept encouraging me over the last few years is
"You have worked hard to get where you are and will do your best today."
Nursing school and studying and taking boards was all hard work. I will do my best tomorrow. :)

Thanks for viewing my post!

~Busy Momma

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