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Sunday, January 11, 2015

an utterly satisfying sandwich . . .

It depends on what your craving is, but this sandwich I made tonight was sooooo satisfying. So I will share the recipe.

Dare you to make it next time you are hungry!

Step 1. Fry a burger
Step 2. Fry onions
Step 3. Make french toast (I use whole wheat bread, soaked in milk and egg, then fried)
Step 4. Fry an egg
Step 5. mix together a little mayo and mustard
Step 6. Add a slice of american "cheese"
Step 7. and make a sandwich of it!

I love the added texture and deliciousness of the french toast. I'm thinking it would be good with cinnamon in the egg-milk mixture and then you could mix some spices and brown sugar into the ground beef to make a breakfast sausage patty instead. Later this week. 

Of course, if your household doesn't adhere to the no-pork, no-turkey, no-shellfish diet we have here, you could use ground pork for your burger or sausage patty and that would be over the top amazing. 

Pretty easy, just takes time to fry everything. Unbelievably satisfying, and better than McDonald's by 100 X. 

But if protein isn't your thing, here is a soup you might like:

Step 1. Saute onions in butter or oil
Step 2. add sage, salt, and a little paprika. To smell. (you know, like to taste, except now its to smell. Except for the salt. Don't go too heavy since you can't smell it. duh.) 
Step 3. Add chicken broth. 
Step 4. add cubed squash. 
Step 5. bring to a boil
Step 6. allow to simmer until squash is soft.

Then you can either eat it like it is, or puree it to make a nice smooth soup. I love this one. It is a great way to use up that winter squash you have still . . .  :) Super easy to make.

I think I really like onions. More than garlic, if that isn't too strange. 

Yes, this is what we have been eating just recently ;)

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