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Monday, January 5, 2015

having fun here :)

It was an amazing Christmas!

Jonathan's uncles and aunties (plural, because of great aunties!), grandmas (great grandmas!) and grandpas spoiled him! He loves all of his new toys. The toy in the picture was homemade and works better than a store bought ride on toy! As well as cuter! I love his new toys as well. Keeps him a lot busier! yay!

I couldn't have asked for a nicer Christmas.

I know Jonathan missed the uncles when we came back. I missed my brothers too; we had so much fun playing games! I had a kind of irrational thought that I wanted to take them home with me just to play games with. haha. Anyways we had a good time and I'm so thankful.

This weekend, we decided to have an Ethiopian meal. Enjera from an Ethiopian convenience store in Sioux Falls, and then we cooked our own wat. We couldn't decide on if we wanted to make our usual lam wat with berbere spice, or a gomen wat with turmeric and ginger that we hadn't tried making before.

Tes made the lam wat

I made gomen wat.

It was delicious! Tes was really impressed by how good mine was! (I guess he didn't think I would be able to cook Ethiopian food so well??) Of course his was delicious too. If you would like, come visit and we will cook you some . . . 

I enjoy cooking with my husband. :)

These are Jonathan's second cousins. They live in Iceland. Any family resemblances? 
What do you think? Or are any similarities based purely on the fact that they are all of Ethiopian heritage?? These boys' parents are both from Ethiopia.

This is so cute, I want to kiss him and cuddle him right now!

The only similarities I really see are the eyes. Which are maybe an Ethiopian trait. So dark! And very oval or almond shaped. I think Jonathan's eyes are very much like Tes', his Uncle Daniel's, and his Aka (Grandpa Tamiru!) 

I just kind of realized that Jonathan is the oldest son of an oldest son of an oldest son of an oldest son and Tes doesn't even know how far back the oldest sons go, but yeah, like a long line of oldest sons. That is so neat!

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  1. Aww, happy you all enjoyed such a beautiful Christmas!
    And that food looks amazing