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Friday, February 27, 2015

Update on school and discussions on hemoglobin and fatty acids

I was so super happy the second we were married! Right before I was so nervous. 
Okay we're still happily married! Most days! And the other days we're still married :). Sorry. Lame humor. 
I love being married though; it is nice to have a person that you know you can plan on being around the rest of your life
A buddy
You can plan everything together
And go through hard times together too
A shoulder to lean on, someone to pray for you
Someone who knows what you face each day. 

So, busy busy busy. I just finished a Biochemistry class! That class almost killed me. I'm not overly interested in which enzymes help in transcription of DNA into RNA. As long as it works, who cares, right? Okayyyy
I actually enjoyed two of the topics: one, a more thorough understanding of the oxy-hemoglobin dissociation curve. We studied that in nursing school. Oxygen binds to hemoglobin easily when the pH is high, but doesn't let go easily. It doesn't bind to hemoglobin as easily when the pH is low, and it lets go very easily. That's basically what we learned in nursing school . . . I was really excited to learn that this is an amazing design of  God (well, obviously): It works because in the lungs the pH is high due to the low amount of CO2, so O2 binds easily to your hemoglobin, and hangs on until it reaches lower pH levels (like your toes, right) and then it can oxygenate tissues farther away from the lungs.
Without the oxy-hemoglobin dissociation curve, we would all have cold blue toes. Or worse. 
I'm sure that was fascinating.
I'm such a nerd. 
I also enjoyed the discussion on how fat is necessary in the diet, and that fat free diets are very dangerous. Already knew that but I still enjoyed it. As well as just looking at some of the differences between saturated and nonsaturated fats. 
Just from my first instinct, I'm going to say saturated fats are better for you, after looking at the molecular structure.
I read an article online that vegatable oils can be cancer causing due to how difficult they are to extract from the plants. 
I have also read articles and spoken with public health workers about something regarding the CDCs recommendation to eat nonsaturated fats and avoid saturated fats. Did you know that the studies done to find relationships between saturated fats and atherosclerosis (yes, heart disease, strokes, etc.) were inconclusive??? But just to 'be safe,' they still decided to recommend we avoid saturated fats and focus on eated nonsaturated fats. 
It seems to me its taught more like a doctrine. "Fat is bad. Especially butter, and red meats, watch out for those."
Guess what. God made cream. Well, he made the cow so he designed it. He also made red meat, so honestly if you think about it . . . 
I'm convinced that in the right amounts they are quite healthful. 

Wow. That was an unplanned discucssion. Again, I hope you were fascinated. I mean, this stuff is highly controversial here! Sorry, I think I may have discussed that before? If I have, please pardon me. 

I'm starting some history classes, themes in world and US history. The cool thing is they give us a list of topics and we get to do a quick study on them. Way too easy but definitely fun. I enjoyed learning about the Andean civilization (mainly Incas), the history of Tea, and the Dust Bowl in OK. Those were the ones I picked to study. I am really longing to go to Machu Pichu, I love drinking tea (I almost never turn down a cup of hot tea, plain, thank you very much) and I didn't know anything about the Dust Bowl really so it seemed like I should. :) 

That is what's going on with me. We filed our taxes this morning, I'm working nights this weekend, and I'm about to go get ready to sleep now. Have a nice weekend!

p.s. If you are wondering about Jonathan, he is doing quite well. He is sleeping. He just got over a cold; he can walk like 5 steps, likes to make messes and is pretty much a normal happy growing boy. He got a new toybox this week which we all love. Now we just need a bookcase! I would upload some pics but I can't find the camera cord. Again. Oh yes and I don't really call Jonathan a baby anymore. He is now a small boy. So I call him Small Boy. ;) Cutest Small Boy ever. 

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