"Let all that I am praise the LORD; may I never forget the good things he does for me."

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Starting a health challenge :)

     This one should be fun! Or . . .  at least not super hard. I am challenging myself to Not Use the Microwave until the end of June!
     It started when Tes was leaving for work and I was "quick making him some ramen noodles." At the end of the two minutes of microwaving, our house smelled like smoke. Uh, it didn't take long to realize I'd done something dreadfully wrong--yep, left the water out. How brilliant. Our microwave smells like smoke!
     With all of that, I know that microwaves are radiating your food. Bad bad bad. So I am going to not use it and see how much I miss it.
     At the end of these three months, if I find that I can sustain life around here without a microwave, I will talk to Tes about us getting rid of it. I think I could use that counter space for other purposes! We shall see.
     I am also no longer going to be holding the laptop in my lap or carrying my cell phone on my person if I'm not actually talking on it. As far as that goes, I rarely have it on me anyway. I probably won't let Yoni play with it, either.

   Okay! Does anyone want to join me on this health challenge? Or do you already live without a microwave? I bet some of you do! Feel free to comment! I like to hear other people's ideas. :)
   Day 1-today-was fine! I heated up left over pizza in a frying pan on the stove. Super super easy and only took a couple of minutes. I think the results were more like what a fresh pizza would be like, anyhow, as compared to microwaved pizza.
    And if I now have everyone thinking that all we eat around here is ramen noodles and pizza, well, I did have a lettuce salad for supper and kefir too. Making crockpot chicken tomorrow! I am working the overnight tonight, so when I get home I will throw it in, that way when Tes and Jonathan get up, there will be food for them ready soon after. Yay :)

Monday, March 16, 2015


This is just an experimental post, trying to figure out how to post videos . . .

And apparently it worked :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Are you an addict? Free Quiz!

I have formulated my own quiz here to test whether you are indeed or indeed not an addict. Similar to the CAGE questionaire for alcohol, this one tests for coffee addiction. (scroll down to previous post to see new pictures!)

C: Have you ever felt you need to cut down on your drinking (of coffee)?

A: Have you ever been annoyed by someone criticizing your coffee habit?

G: Have you ever felt grouchy after your work break if you went without coffee?

E: Have you ever felt you needed coffee first time in the morning as an eye-opener?

If you answered yes to two or more questions, you are an (coffee) addict. 

 I am not an addict, as I only answered yes to E. eye-opener. I usually ask Tes to bring me coffee in bed. He hasn't yet, but it's waiting for me when I stumble into the kitchen!

pictures, more pictures

 He is officially walking now! He can walk all the way across the room.

 My two goofy guys

Jonathan admired me wearing my new hat so he put it on too and he thought that was soooo funny.

It kept falling over his eyes

 Then mommy was being silly and put his hair in a ponytail
 And then Yoni had wild hair
 Someone's going to need a hair trim one of these days . . . just not yet ;)
 And we walked to the park and played by the river

 Then we walked to another park and played on the playground

Tes says my hat makes me look like a gramma. I told him that Grandma's have many years of life to develop a good sense of style and that I would consider that a positive attribute. I've noticed how wise some of those elderly ladies at work are. And anyway, I like my hat. My sense of style is developing as well. Though perhaps you can't tell from the picture. But it is, I got really good style . . . (tongue in cheek here; I'm not that vain.) We had a good day today though! Walking, parks, cooking, working on school (Health Assessment class, I have my exam on Friday morning and then I need to do a video assessing Tes. It will be about 1/2 hour or longer. I'm thinking it will be harder than I expected because he is "black" so I will probably need to explain how I am assessing for certain things differently because of that (like jaundice.) Oh yes and I got to go to church tonight to practice singing because I get to fill in for one of the ladies on the worship team who will be gone this Sunday. It was fun! I told them that I'm an alto so it should go well. haha I'm not much for singing soprano unless I have been practicing! I love the fact that I'm neighbors with so many of the families from church. Doing a playdate tomorrow with one family at the park. Emily and myself decided we would have our guys come along and they can play basketball. 

I'm going to get back to studying now . . . Am reading about the respiratory system and hopefully I should get through it quickly. So far it is definitely review but I got 44% on that section on the preassessment exam so perhaps it would be good to read it so I will be ready for the exam Friday. :) 

Friday, March 6, 2015

Jonathan and my salad

Some of Jonathan's development . . .
Yesterday I came home from work after a day shift and sat down on the couch to eat my salad. Jonathan came over and reached up and grabbed a piece of lettuce! After licking on it and feeling it, he reached back up, put it back in my bowl and grabbed another piece of lettuce. He licked it and played with it and reached up and put it back in my bowl. Then he grabbed a crouton. He kept it that time! He crunched on it and crunched on it until it was all gone. I thought it was too funny how he just helped himself to my salad without asking of course, and chose which parts he wanted to eat. And put it back in my bowl if he didn't want it?? I would have thought he would throw it on the floor instead.

After a little while, I was eating an apple. I ate half of it and then he wanted some so I just set half the apple on the table. He ate almost the rest of it. It was so funny to see such a small person holding an apple and taking bites!

Today I said, "Do you want a banana?" I showed it to him and he said, "nanana. numnumnum. bite." lol the only thing I think he was intentionally saying was "nanana." the last couple times I have asked him if he wants one that is what he says! I would say that is his first word but he already says Ababa (daddy). and sometimes mamama, and then sometimes "Ki" when giving a kiss. But those I still hold in doubt if he really knows what he's saying, but banana I am sure about because he never says nanana unless he's getting one. Oh yes and I just gave him his bottle and said "bottle" and he said Ba!" So he is starting to "talk."

He spends a lot of time sitting on the floor reading books to himself. Right now he is reading a book about animals on the farm and talking to himself. I will read him stories later but for now I am getting back to school.