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Friday, March 6, 2015

Jonathan and my salad

Some of Jonathan's development . . .
Yesterday I came home from work after a day shift and sat down on the couch to eat my salad. Jonathan came over and reached up and grabbed a piece of lettuce! After licking on it and feeling it, he reached back up, put it back in my bowl and grabbed another piece of lettuce. He licked it and played with it and reached up and put it back in my bowl. Then he grabbed a crouton. He kept it that time! He crunched on it and crunched on it until it was all gone. I thought it was too funny how he just helped himself to my salad without asking of course, and chose which parts he wanted to eat. And put it back in my bowl if he didn't want it?? I would have thought he would throw it on the floor instead.

After a little while, I was eating an apple. I ate half of it and then he wanted some so I just set half the apple on the table. He ate almost the rest of it. It was so funny to see such a small person holding an apple and taking bites!

Today I said, "Do you want a banana?" I showed it to him and he said, "nanana. numnumnum. bite." lol the only thing I think he was intentionally saying was "nanana." the last couple times I have asked him if he wants one that is what he says! I would say that is his first word but he already says Ababa (daddy). and sometimes mamama, and then sometimes "Ki" when giving a kiss. But those I still hold in doubt if he really knows what he's saying, but banana I am sure about because he never says nanana unless he's getting one. Oh yes and I just gave him his bottle and said "bottle" and he said Ba!" So he is starting to "talk."

He spends a lot of time sitting on the floor reading books to himself. Right now he is reading a book about animals on the farm and talking to himself. I will read him stories later but for now I am getting back to school.

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