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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Starting a health challenge :)

     This one should be fun! Or . . .  at least not super hard. I am challenging myself to Not Use the Microwave until the end of June!
     It started when Tes was leaving for work and I was "quick making him some ramen noodles." At the end of the two minutes of microwaving, our house smelled like smoke. Uh, it didn't take long to realize I'd done something dreadfully wrong--yep, left the water out. How brilliant. Our microwave smells like smoke!
     With all of that, I know that microwaves are radiating your food. Bad bad bad. So I am going to not use it and see how much I miss it.
     At the end of these three months, if I find that I can sustain life around here without a microwave, I will talk to Tes about us getting rid of it. I think I could use that counter space for other purposes! We shall see.
     I am also no longer going to be holding the laptop in my lap or carrying my cell phone on my person if I'm not actually talking on it. As far as that goes, I rarely have it on me anyway. I probably won't let Yoni play with it, either.

   Okay! Does anyone want to join me on this health challenge? Or do you already live without a microwave? I bet some of you do! Feel free to comment! I like to hear other people's ideas. :)
   Day 1-today-was fine! I heated up left over pizza in a frying pan on the stove. Super super easy and only took a couple of minutes. I think the results were more like what a fresh pizza would be like, anyhow, as compared to microwaved pizza.
    And if I now have everyone thinking that all we eat around here is ramen noodles and pizza, well, I did have a lettuce salad for supper and kefir too. Making crockpot chicken tomorrow! I am working the overnight tonight, so when I get home I will throw it in, that way when Tes and Jonathan get up, there will be food for them ready soon after. Yay :)


  1. The working mechanism of a microwave oven is resonance. Every physical object in nature has a resonance, or natural frequency. The object can be made to vibrate when another object or frequency generator emits the natural frequency of the object. The microwave emitted from the microwave oven is at a frequency which resonates with water, causing the water to vibrate. The friction between the water molecules generates the heat (this is the reason that microwaving dry objects is not very effective--there is nothing resonating and therefore is no friction). With this explanation, I claim that microwave ovens are effective in safely heating food items. That's all I have to say about that, by the way, did you know that basically everything emits radiation? (I believe only a vacuum does not.)

  2. Thanks dear brother ;). But I believe it has been proven that microwaving kills nearly all of the nutrients--think antioxidants, any enzymes. So I say that cooking is a more effective way of preparing healthy food. According to this article, http://www.medicaldaily.com/microwaves-are-bad-you-5-reasons-why-microwave-oven-cooking-harming-your-health-250145 , microwaves change your blood and your heart rate! How about that? They decrease red blood cells and increase white blood cells and cholesterol, DUE to the level of non ionizing radiation. Not necessarily a good thing . . .

  3. Love it! Good for you! :) I try not to use my microwave too much either. By the way, I just posted a new blog post in case you're interested!