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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Easter pictures

Easter was so fun. I love doing crafts with Jonathan and we dyed Easter eggs together! It was something I really wanted to do with him. I had boiled a bunch of eggs the day before, but since it was my weekend to work, I was working nights so I was sleeping in the morning. This meant that I was not cooking breakfast, so when I went to go dye eggs, I discovered they were gone. I quickly boiled some more eggs and tried to cool them down fast so we could dye eggs Saturday night before I left to go to work. Thankfully we were able to get it done and have a good time, too! Tes was our photographer. :)

This was Jonathan after his Easter egg hunt on Sunday. We "hid" the eggs we dyed, as well as some plastic eggs filled with little treats--balloons, skittles, raisins and things. He was so cute running around the living room finding them! Tes took a video of it so I will post that once I find it. 

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