"Let all that I am praise the LORD; may I never forget the good things he does for me."

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Jonathan's Birthday!

Yoni and I did a selfie last night. He is so much fun. Crazy, smart, and getting bossy too. We were at a church picnic yesterday for Memorial day and he was playing in the water at a pump. Every time Tes would approach him to tell him we needed to go, Yoni would head him off, point and say, "you go sit down," and point to the picnic table. He also counted to 10 the other day but skipped '4' and '9.' Tes and I are just enjoying all the new things he does every day and love having him for our little boy. 

Yoni: Before

He has grown so fast and changed so much but still the same little guy.

Yoni: at his birthday

We have a video of him blowing out candles and opening his gift so I will try to remember to post it. I think it is on Tes' phone. He was clapping because we finished the song. 

Jonathan loved the cupcakes and now when he sees cupcakes he says, "Oh, happy day cakes!" 

We took Jonathan to the zoo for his birthday with his uncle. But it was several weeks later that we did this. Yoni especially loved the monkeys and huge aquariums. My favorite was the aquariums! 

Our pretty hometown. Pretty in the summer! 

At the park. We go to the park a LOT. 
You'll notice I call Yoni and Jonathan those names interchangeably. I don't even know which one I use more often when I am talking to or about him. I think it depends who I am talking to. But if you ask him what his name is, he'll say "Yoni!" But he will also randomly say "Donathan H____ (last name.)" 


  1. That is super cute that he says his whole name!!

    1. He says my whole name too which is kind of a funny feeling. ;)