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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

My name is Daniel

I finished school last week. For my final project, I designed a simulation experience for 2 year nursing students with a Hypertensive patient who begins to experience a stroke. I presented the simulation to nursing faculty at the community college I partnered with, as well as submitted a video submission to my school. Finally, I wrote my last paper, a 53 page paper discussing the project and research related to the project. 

So I am finally done! I have been "enjoying" my kids. :) 

Jonathan has been swinging in Christian's swing lately. Haha! But he is a little big for it. Just a couple of pounds over the limit. So I make him get out if he isn't sitting still in it.

Christian doesn't really care for the swing so much. He prefers to be held (of course,) so I have him in a carrier a lot while I am cooking or doing dishes.

I took the kids to the park this morning and then I was sad I hadn't brought my camera, because it was a beautiful day and there were golden maple leaves all over the ground--it would have been perfect for pictures. So I got them on the couch later, but they were both tired and Christian started crying. Right after the pics he went down for a nap.

Jonathan was supposed to nap, too, after lunch, but I put him to bed 4 times and he never did stay there. The last time, he came out of his bedroom wearing a leopard print headband on his head, pointed to himself, and said, "My name is Daniel, Mommy. My name is Daniel." So he helped me pick up toys and clean the living room, but he wanted to be called Daniel the whole time. 

I think that might be because last week in Children's Church, they told the story of Daniel in the Lion's den. Jonathan likes Lions--one of his nick names is Ambassa, which means Lion in Amharic. That is his nick name from Ababa. It was a neat lesson because they also took pics of the kids and then glued paper lion manes on the pictures! Such a cute idea. 

We've been trying several new churches since we moved to a new city. I think this one (a conservative Baptist church) will probably be the one we go to. When it comes down to choosing a church, Tes and I feel most comfortable raising our kids in a conservative environment just like how we were both raised. I guess when you start thinking about what behaviors and values you want your children to have, this is what most closely matched our hopes for our children. So as our children grow, learn, and make friends, I hope this is a good environment that encourages them to be respectful, honorable young men who have a fear of the Lord.

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