"Let all that I am praise the LORD; may I never forget the good things he does for me."

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas story!

It was so cold today, -10, we didn't go to Church this morning. It would not be good to be driving to Church in this weather with two little children, and end up getting a flat tire or something. We talked to my brother in law Tamene over video chat, and he said it was 104 degrees there! In Ethiopia where he is right now. And it was night where he was. So crazy the different temperatures.

Since we didn't go to Church this morning, we had Sunday school here. I read and told Jonathan the Christmas story from the book of Matthew. We were sitting on the floor in his bedroom and I was telling him about how Joseph and Mary and baby Jesus had to go to Egypt. I tried to dramatize the story a bit to make it very interesting and help him understand. Perhaps I dramatized it a bit too much? Jonathan jumped up and opened his dresser drawers and began grabbing all of  his clothes and bringing them out to the living room. He was all ready to get in the car and go to Egypt. He is so funny. But the dramatization made the story more real to me, as well.

To imagine my husband waking up and saying, an Angel came and warned me in a dream last night, we have to get out of here, and basically grabbing some clothes and getting in the car and leaving because we were scared for our child's life?

The Christmas story is so amazing, exciting, and a wonderful thing to celebrate. We don't celebrate Christmas only because it is an exciting story, however, we celebrate because it is when Emmanuel (Jesus) was born. Emmanuel--God with us. Imagine how God was born as a baby, possibly outside, his only bed a feed box with some hay for a mattress. Wrapped in a simple cloth, no diapers--no doctors and nurses, no warm and soapy bath. Mary and Joseph were not wealthy or powerful people. But this, too me, just proves again how loving God is. He came to suffer with us and know our trials. He is not some far off God who does not understand what we go through, but he knows our pain, and our joys. In the hardest times of my life, I can say that I have known God's presence with me. Emmanuel. God with us.

The true story of Christmas can change our lives forever. So much better than Santa Claus.

Friday, December 2, 2016

embarrassing moment :)

My poor husband. He must think that God's purpose for me in his life is to torment him. haha! But I don't do it on purpose . . . thankfully, my husband has a sense of humor and can laugh about things a bit.

Last week, before Thanksgiving, Tes sent me to get some toothpaste. He told me to get a small tube, not the travel size but the next size up, so that it would fit nicely in our toothbrush/toothpaste holder next to the sink. I went to the store and I was in a hurry, so I quickly scanned the aisle for what appeared to be the right size toothpaste. I didn't open the package because I didn't want to damage it in case I didn't buy it then. I purchased it and left it unopened on the bathroom counter. Later, when Tes went to brush his teeth, he opened the package and pulled out a mammoth-sized tube of toothpaste! I don't think we've ever purchased such a large tube. He was like, "What is this?!" I was like, "well, that was all I saw, sorry."

The next week we were picking up groceries and he headed for the toothpaste aisle. Somehow, he spotted the smaller tubes of toothpaste. He was wondering why I didn't purchase one of those, so I was explaining that they must not have been there when I was shopping, because I didn't see them. I said, "maybe they were all out? It was Thanksgiving and there were a lot of people shopping and the aisle was pretty crowded." Tes said, "So people were buying all the toothpaste because of Thanksgiving?"

I had to admit it was just me overlooking the smaller tubes . . . somehow. I promise I didn't do it on purpose to irk him! Anyhow, it will be a while before we need to buy toothpaste again. That mammoth tube will last a while.

I don't do these things intentionally, but somehow they happen. For example, I have been applying for jobs lately, and for one position, I sent them the cover letter I had written for a different place. I hadn't even written a cover letter for the position/place I was currently applying for, but when I was applying I was like "I may as well attach my cover letter," not being intelligent enough to remember that a cover letter for a different place wasn't going to help my chances. Right after I attached it, I realized what I had done, but it was too late to get it back. They must have been pretty desperate, because they still contacted me for an interview. They did ask me if I had accepted a position at the other place that I mentioned in my cover letter! haha! Well, we scheduled a phone interview, but my sister ended up visiting that day and we took the kids to the park and I left my phone in the car and completely forgot about the interview. I was so humiliated. Hannah told me I should call the guy back so I did. As I said, they must have been pretty desperate, because they did end up calling me again and asking me if I was still interested in the position, after multiple trespasses! (I didn't go forward with the position because I didn't think it would work very well right now for me with my children.)

I applied for another job, and the day after my phone interview with them, Tes woke up to a message on his phone. They had somehow contacted him for a reference for me. Of course, they weren't really trying to reach him, but my reference (No, I did not list my husband as a reference! Although he could probably give a very accurate picture of my character qualities and flaws!) Somehow, I listed his phone number instead of my reference's! I was so embarrassed, and Tes was laughing at me. I emailed them with the correct number for my reference, but I didn't dare tell them that I had given them my husband's phone number--too humiliating! I just said I might have given them an incorrect phone number and gave them the right one.

So, somehow I keep humiliating myself, and if it isn't that, I'm doing things to provoke my husband, but not with that intent! I guess it is just my nature . . .