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Friday, December 2, 2016

embarrassing moment :)

My poor husband. He must think that God's purpose for me in his life is to torment him. haha! But I don't do it on purpose . . . thankfully, my husband has a sense of humor and can laugh about things a bit.

Last week, before Thanksgiving, Tes sent me to get some toothpaste. He told me to get a small tube, not the travel size but the next size up, so that it would fit nicely in our toothbrush/toothpaste holder next to the sink. I went to the store and I was in a hurry, so I quickly scanned the aisle for what appeared to be the right size toothpaste. I didn't open the package because I didn't want to damage it in case I didn't buy it then. I purchased it and left it unopened on the bathroom counter. Later, when Tes went to brush his teeth, he opened the package and pulled out a mammoth-sized tube of toothpaste! I don't think we've ever purchased such a large tube. He was like, "What is this?!" I was like, "well, that was all I saw, sorry."

The next week we were picking up groceries and he headed for the toothpaste aisle. Somehow, he spotted the smaller tubes of toothpaste. He was wondering why I didn't purchase one of those, so I was explaining that they must not have been there when I was shopping, because I didn't see them. I said, "maybe they were all out? It was Thanksgiving and there were a lot of people shopping and the aisle was pretty crowded." Tes said, "So people were buying all the toothpaste because of Thanksgiving?"

I had to admit it was just me overlooking the smaller tubes . . . somehow. I promise I didn't do it on purpose to irk him! Anyhow, it will be a while before we need to buy toothpaste again. That mammoth tube will last a while.

I don't do these things intentionally, but somehow they happen. For example, I have been applying for jobs lately, and for one position, I sent them the cover letter I had written for a different place. I hadn't even written a cover letter for the position/place I was currently applying for, but when I was applying I was like "I may as well attach my cover letter," not being intelligent enough to remember that a cover letter for a different place wasn't going to help my chances. Right after I attached it, I realized what I had done, but it was too late to get it back. They must have been pretty desperate, because they still contacted me for an interview. They did ask me if I had accepted a position at the other place that I mentioned in my cover letter! haha! Well, we scheduled a phone interview, but my sister ended up visiting that day and we took the kids to the park and I left my phone in the car and completely forgot about the interview. I was so humiliated. Hannah told me I should call the guy back so I did. As I said, they must have been pretty desperate, because they did end up calling me again and asking me if I was still interested in the position, after multiple trespasses! (I didn't go forward with the position because I didn't think it would work very well right now for me with my children.)

I applied for another job, and the day after my phone interview with them, Tes woke up to a message on his phone. They had somehow contacted him for a reference for me. Of course, they weren't really trying to reach him, but my reference (No, I did not list my husband as a reference! Although he could probably give a very accurate picture of my character qualities and flaws!) Somehow, I listed his phone number instead of my reference's! I was so embarrassed, and Tes was laughing at me. I emailed them with the correct number for my reference, but I didn't dare tell them that I had given them my husband's phone number--too humiliating! I just said I might have given them an incorrect phone number and gave them the right one.

So, somehow I keep humiliating myself, and if it isn't that, I'm doing things to provoke my husband, but not with that intent! I guess it is just my nature . . .

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  1. I must admit this totally made me giggle. I love your refreshing honesty and the way you write. :-)