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Monday, April 10, 2017

It's spring

It's spring. I like spring. I have been taking my kids for walks to the park quite frequently. Jonathan turned 3 and I love the developments he is making. He builds more with Duplos and car tracks, and his attention span is a lot longer. His vocabulary is amazing, and he speaks in complete paragraphs. He can't always answer my questions, and can get frustrated pretty quickly, but at the same time he can take the initiative to tell me all about something that happened or a situation and I'm amazed at how much he can actually tell me about things that are happening. Right now he is playing with his new Duplos from Grandma. He loves them!

Christian has been growing as well. He is no longer bald, and he is crawling and standing now. He has also started crying after me lately. I will be walking around trying to get things done and he watches me walk away and starts crying. Little stinker. I love his personality. He is a cuddle bug, he is confident, he is demanding, but at the same time he is more quiet and mild than Jonathan. He can actually sit still and be content, and that is something I don't recall happening with Jonathan.

I've been working again, starting in January. I am really enjoying my new job. I think I learn something new every time I work. I can't say very many days have gone "smoothly," or exactly according to plan, but I'm looking at the things that go "wrong" as semi-positive events to help shape my nursing judgment and experience. It has been a big part of my life these last few months.

 Last weekend, my mother and sister came to visit.

I love Christian's eyes. His little face is just too cute.

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